ray (rayslinky) wrote,

things i hate today:
  1. the http://www.sprintpcs.com "manage my account" section of the website... about half of the time i get some unintelligible micro$oft error (surprise) sometimes its an asp error, other times its random... today:
      Microsoft OLE DB Service Components error '80040e73'

      The initialization string specified does not conform to specificiation


  2. and while im on the subject of micro$oft, i fucking hate window$! i despise internet explorer for window$... when i click a link in one window and switch to another window, i dont want to be taken back to the first window as it loads. i am connected via a 56k modem and dont want to watch graphic by graphic be downloaded... i'll go back when im damn good and ready!
my allergies werent as bad today as they were yesterday. this afternoon i went with anna to see her eye care professional. when we left at 4:30 it was getting dark and raining. they were forecasting snow flurries today - didnt pan out yet. by 5, it was pitch black outside - what a trip! so, its cold and rainy and i still dont have a job. the dude from cvs called while we were waiting for the bus, but i dont realize its my fone when it rings. perhaps ill talk to him tomorrow. i need to start getting up earlier - now i spend about as much time awake in the darkness as i do during the light of day. i can see how it could affect my psyche.

and finally, im glad that journalists are taking that next step in eroding our civil liberties: Torture Seeps Into Discussion by News Media
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