ray (rayslinky) wrote,

its friday night, i had the normal blues on the way to work, seeing people out with cases of beer on their way to parties.

the work night hasnt been too bad - different from the normal routine - its the beginning of the month hoopla. most of the night ive spent reading before night falls while babysitting a couple of printers. i sorted through a stack of junk mail that was waiting for me. physical junk mail, youd think that this university would get with the program and just email all this shit to me so i could dutifully hit delete, saving a tree in the process. who am i kidding, i saw these printers belch 120+ reams of paper tonight...

...non sequitur...

good news, i have only taken allergy drugs once in the last week and seem to be living more or less like an allergy-free individual! i still have itchy eyes, but without the incessant congestion.
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