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the communist weekend?

i dont quite know what happened to my weekend. saturday was pretty lazy, it rained most of the day - beautiful weather to sleep in. when i got up, i smoked a bowl and lazed around my house for a while. i finished this trashy novel i borrowed earlier in the week. i wound up watching before night falls, a great movie about the life of gay cuban poet/novelist, reinaldo arenas. it was an interesting glimpse into castros cuba, especially concerning homosexuality. i identified with this film-a combination of growing up poor, gay, and in a heavily roman catholic family. "The heart of the house was my grandmother. She peed standing up, and spoke with God."

sunday, galen woke me up looking for his mixer. after that, i grabbed lunch and wondered around boston. i stopped by the library and got the book before night falls, arenas memoirs that the movie was partially taken from. not much else to mention. that night, i was still in a cocooning mood and wound up home smoked up watching doctor zhivago, probably the last great epic of the era. yes, more communism. it was interesting to see these films back to back. they were both beautiful in their own way.

i did errands today - shopping, laundry, all that crap. and then slept a few hours.

im about a quarter of the way through arenas book and it strikes me that it is a lot more sexual than the movie was. on amazon, this book is #8 best seller in jp - go figure. now i want to read more of his writing, perhaps the color of summer will be next.
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