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first, the daily links:
FCC trashing ownership rules...
Northern Alliance hampers journalists' efforts
NPR battles charges of bias, fleeing corporate sponsors
Victory for DVD Code Cracking
U.S. vs. MS: It's Almost Over
Ads Crowding the Batter's Box
DVD cartoon spreads virus
Encyclopedia of Terror
Op-Ed Echo Chamber: Little space for dissent to the military line

so, today i was completely lethargic, in fact, i didnt get up until after noon and only left to come down to the business center at like 845p. slack! my fone rung after 1, but it had no caller id so i avoided it. well, i checked it a little while ago and some dude at cvs wants to talk to me about a job. prolly some pee-on foto-tech job, but some money is better than none, right? im sort of excited about the prospect of having something to do with my daze. on dating: ive exchanged a couple of emails with this guy from yahoo personals - go ahead, laugh. not much else, ill prolly try to go out with him in the next week. thats all i got - anna and leo went out to a movie so ima go back to laying on the couch and staring off into the idiot box.
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