ray (rayslinky) wrote,

today was quite productive, joanna taught me how to access my idisk files via this peecee. i got ryan to rename a folder that was causing me trouble. i got my deposit from ryder refunded! woo-hoo - now ima bitch until i get the rest of my money back =) and finally i applied for a "computer technician with mac experience" job. *crosses fingers*

its now been dark for hours - the sun officially set today at 4:41 pm - how bizarre! and apparently it only gets earlier and earlier. with my sleeping schedule, i may not see much daylight for the next few months... oh well. the weather here has been nice - it froze last night, but when i wear enough clothes, its all good. its nice being out in the brisk air. certainly nicer than sweltering in the 100-degree heat of the summer. hmmm, could i be a winter person?

i got a short reply to a yahoo personal but dont know how to respond. what should i say? how long should it be? why do i think so much? i feel like such a dork when it comes to meeting new people and especially dating.
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