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its a typical monday. i felt hungover earlier, tho i didnt drink this weekend - i think its from forgetting to take my allergy drugs yesterday morning. im gassy and damn, it smells. the weekends arent long enough.

i brought my digital camera in tonight to put some pictures up that i took this weekend. i should have known better - fucking windoze. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS PLUG AND PLAY STICKER MEAN ANYWAY? i plug it in, it flashes and nothing happens. on a mac (any mac!), i can plug it in and within a few seconds, it shows up like a hard drive. presto, drag the fotos you want to your hard drive or webspace. when youre done, drag it to the trash and unplug it. i futzed with it for a few minutes - couldnt find any software for nt. does that mean it should just work? who knows. im left, unsated, with that sour bill gates taste in my mouth.
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