ray (rayslinky) wrote,

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some media railing

    It goes on and on, outrage after outrage, with nothing but plaudits in the press. I’m reminded of the old joke where the protagonist, let’s call him W, comes upon a pile of something brown in the path ahead of him. He bends down to investigate. Hmm…looks like dog crap. He sniffs it. Smells like dog crap. He puts it in his mouth. Tastes like dog crap. Satisfied, he swerves around it and continues on his way. The British press screams: “W Eats Feces!" How does the American Press handle the story? After getting the gospel from Ari Fleisher they print: “President Narrowly Avoids Encounter with Dangerous Substance — Possibly Planted By Terrorists — Saddam Suspected".
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