ray (rayslinky) wrote,

right on...

And it really is just so much egomaniacal and reductive whiny delimiting quasi-psychological bullshit that says you must adhere to some sort of strict set of behavioral or financial or medical or spiritual or physical or creative or sexual or legal or emotional guidelines or dogmas so as to best steer the creaky quirky leaky ship of your completely random emo-cluster of a life and with what sort of nerve do you think your ego has the right to dictate to your nerve endings and the soul of you orgasm just what sort of texture and what sort of meaning is supposed to be ascribed to the various slippery delirious ineptitudes of your soul and while structure and touchstones and nudges and urgings are invaluable you can be sure anyone who ever says this or that is true for everyone every time in every circumstance is either a jackal or a politician or a fundamentalist and should be shunned like Noelle Bush shuns rehab or horny undergarmented Mormons shun http://sfgate.com/newsletters/.

Or simply hie thee to SF Gate's newsletters page, honeychile, and follow the easy instructions. Subscribing to the Fix is completely free. Unsubscribing has nothing whatsoever to do with making your soul brighter and wetter and juicier and more open and delicious so why the hell bother.
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