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this morning i was really productive. i ran a lot errands - picked up contacts, various shopping, and contested a 'lost' book at the library. then i got, um, altered, and watched johnny mnemonic. ok, it was kind of silly at points, but it had my man in it. mmm, kenau. AND, in 2021, corporations rule the world with the help of the mafia. not so far fetched if you ask me.

this evening im still waking up. ive got my breakfast beside me: pizza and coffee. and im starting to get a headache. today, they replaced the fluorescent lights that i so carefully removed a couple of months ago. i just removed them again. the office is still garishly OVERLIT, but hopefully my headache wont get any worse. i wish they'd get a clue about ergonomics. my wrists are hurting again. even when i lower the ridiculous keyboards on the terminals (everyone thinks its proper to put up the feet making them look like: /| ), they still need a huge wrist wrest. one of these nights, im going to be crippled and blind. blah.

finaly, its humpday and ive got no one to hump.
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