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i slept for a few hours this morning and then went to the masscann marijuana festival this afternoon. there were thousands of people there. i kept expecting to run into someone i knew, but didnt. i hung out for a while, enjoying that beautiful wafting smell. there were cops stationed at the park street t station but not really on the common. i saw a couple of rangers walking around, occassionally telling people to "put it away." um, ok. cool. jill stein, the green party candidate for gov. spoke. it was chill, good music.

i sat for a while and called jojo - harassed her to get a ticket for next month AND chatted for a while. i lingered for a while and eventually went roaming toward the harbour. i love the architechure in this city! there are so many beautiful old buildings.

i made my back home and now im not sure if i want to go out tonight. galen, austin and emily are cooking dinner. im sort of in a weird mood - not sure about being sociable. part of me wants to catch up on sleep, another part wants to veg on the couch, and the final part is saying get out of the house.
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