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12 september 2002
255th day of the year
43rd day without smoking a cigarette (yay)

pretty boring day. i only slept about 4 hours again. i woke up around noon and was up for the rest of the afternoon. i avoided tv all day. judging from the metro, a local ad sheet supplemented with snippets of "news" was nauseatingly nationalistic.

i went to the doctor this evening for a followup of my many visits in the last couple of months. i got another allergy prescription and an all clear. yay-hopefully, i wont be back for a year. my new allergy script should last me until winter kills all the shit that causes me pain on a daily basis. when i got home, austin was sitting in front of the tv watching a horribly depressing documentary about mad firefighters. my immediate response was "turn that off." not out of insensitivity but out of my care for my (and his) emotional well being. he flipped it off, thanked me, and started cleaning. btw, this is the first time in the 4 months that ive lived with him that ive seen him use the broom. needless to say, i was ecstatic.

at work, bobby found a monitor that was malfuntioning. i brought in my crt discharge tool and checked to see if it was the same thing that causes mine to go yellow. nope. but, it was fun n-e-way. i need to pull mine apart again and try to focus it... now, i wait for ibm to come fix a printer. the harley riding guy called to say he was stuck at fleet, so maybe the multiple personality guy will come in. clinically speaking, he interests me. but, he is still a bit scary. its my turn to stay until someone comes in (at 9!!!) and im groggy.
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