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i just read another story about mcas, the states 'standardized' test required for graduation. standardized testing is not always bad BUT making it a requirement for graduation is horrible. in texas, we had to take a standardized test (taas) 3 times. the last one had to be passed to graduate. these tests were also used for funding of public schools. what happened? the whole year of the test, classes were devoted to teaching what would be found on the test-a very narrow skillset-and nothing else. who knows what i missed out on.

if/when i adopt kids, i want to homeschool them. i think it would be a pretty cool gig to be a teacher. not in the traditional sense, but in the 'what are you interested in-lets find more about it' sense. more of a customization for a childs talents/interests. maybe thats my calling in life. is it too late to decide? ok, i know its not too late. but i also know that the public system is not really about education.

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