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i was laying awake a little while ago, trying to will my hangover away, and my bed started vibrating. i guess, i slept with my fone last night AND now it decides to work again. it was my mom.

she was a little frantic sounding. great! she started off with b-day wishes and continues with "ive got bad news, triple bad"... great! so i respond "i dont want to hear it." undaunted, she tells me that she totaled her truck yesterday. whoa, i feel like an ass. yes, shes ok. some asshole ran a red light and hit her head on. the airbag deployed and she only wound up with a bruised cheek. this was while she was running errands after dropping her aunt maggie (ciocia magda) off at the hospital for her last day of radiation. after she collected herself, made the police report, etc., she called a friend to go pick up her aunt. after picking her up, they take her home and she winds up falling on down the steps and hitting her head. she was bleeding pretty bad... back to the hospital. so with x-rays, they found more tumors in her head (the previous ones were in her lungs).

thats some shit.

im glad mom is alright. she was supposed to go to vegas tomorrow. i hope she still goes. i think it will do her good to take a vacation after all the attention shes been devoting to her aunt lately. i wish she would just get the balls to tell her aunts 2 grown grandchildren to take care of her for a change.

blah. back to bed.
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