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birthday stuff

hangover index: 3.9 (out of 10)

im a little nauseous, my head is ringing, and i reek of smoke.

last night was great. annz, leo, domenica, adam, and val took me to dinner at king fish. amazing amazing dishes. great friend warmth, lots of laughs. i was tipsy by the time we left--i almost went tumbling down the stairs on my way to the bathroom. then we walked to this italian restaurant-by-day, euro-trash club-by-night place where leo knew the bouncer and got us all in (including 15 yo min). they had latin music on the second level and house on the third/fourth. i danced my ass off. drank more, and more. val stripped me of my shirt at one point. i drooled over some of the breeders that were around. i danced more. all in all, it was a great birthday.
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