ray (rayslinky) wrote,

an account of my day

i talked to annz this afternoon when i woke up and she invited me to dinner (breakfast?). after a shower, i headed to harvard square. i scored the latest playguy (gotta have porn!) and looked for annz and minnow. we went to this great little hole in the wall for mexican. the food is always excellent, but the service sucked. the waiter brought us guac as an appetizer. a few minutes later, he brings us a second plate - okie, cool. still later, he comes over and tells us that he mistakenly brought us the second one and wondered if we wanted it. we had clearly been eating out of it---i sort of stared at him, confused. he proceeded to tell us that if we wanted to keep it, he would have to charge us for it. eh? so he took it back. this left me wondering if he would just stick another chip in it and take it to the other table that was waiting for it. ok, not something i want to think about. on top of that, the service was slow. needless to say, his tip reflected this whole encounter. we bummed around for a bit, got some coffee and i headed to work.

work sucks as usual. it has again been brought to my attention that we only have a couple more weeks of 4-day work weeks. i shudder at the thought of coming to this brightly lit fluorescent hell of an unergonomic basement freezer to do mind nubming repetitive tasks for 5 days out of 7. blah, no more of that.

on the plus side, its almost time to go home AND its really nice outside.
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