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chomsky was amazing... i got there at 6:15 and the main room was already full (with about 500 seats) so i found one of the 6 or 7 overflow rooms. by 7 when chomsky was supposed to start speaking most of the overflow rooms were filled and the one i was in was overflowing with people in the aisles, people standing at the periphery of the room, and people camped out on the ground at the very front, a blatant fire hazard, but its chomsky! there were probably well in excess of 2-3000 people there in all. ive never heard him speak before, ive only read interviews, so i didnt know exactly what to expect. it was an interesting 2 hours filled with facts. he didn't encourage any particular action, but pointed out that we are responsible for the government and if we fail to act, every one of us, all 270+ million will be responsible for the 3-4 million dead afghan citizens expected to starve this winter. all in all it was sobering, i learned a lot about history and now want to know more about our involvement in nicuragua in the 80's. apparently when we were causing terror there, they took us to task at the un/world court. the us was condemned and the un called for everyone to observe national law, we of course were the only dissenting state. so, what do we do, follow international law, pull our freedom fighters? no, we escalate the war...

he pointed out lots of other intersting facts like how the nazis called what they were doing counterterror (we call it counterinsurgency to further distance the us from the idea of state led terror). we even studied the nazis "counterterror" after wwii and, in reports, were sometimes critical of their failures.

looking at our name for this war: 1. "crusade" - bad connotations. 2. "infinite justice" - damn, thats a long time. 3. "enduring freedom" - kind of ambiguous and isn't the word enduring synomous with suffering? are we really trying to make these people suffer under our type of "freedom"?

  • "Militarization is hazardous to human life."
  • If a mafia don isn't being paid by a grocer, they don't go to court to get an order, they send in their goons.
  • When the IRA bombed London, they found the perpetrators and tried them. They didn't bomb Boston, where most of the IRA funding comes from.
  • September 11 is a historic event, not because of the size, but because of the direction the guns are pointing.

it was enlightening and im glad i got to see/hear him speak. i still feel somewhat helpless, but understand that going to protests is something that i can do to prevent this insane man (bush) from going further.

today, i basked in the glory of not having a job. though, lately i have been looking a bit more. i need to do a cover letter to apply at harvard but have this mental block against it. so far, i have applied at 4 places and want to submit a couple more resumes tonight. i like being unemployed, though not having money does bother me a bit. i hate looking for work, i hate not knowing what im getting myself into.

i finally got cable yesterday. wow, its so nice being able to watch tv that isn't fuzzy and making this static noise. i got a motorola box - i dont quite like it. i miss time warners/the scientific atlanta box's ease of use. also, whenever i try to get info on a program or look at the guide or enter setup, there is always an ad on the left side of the screen. so far, ive seen them for "The Invention Submission Company" and "Sears". im sure there have been more, but im so sickened by it, i cant bring myself to look. origninally, i was curious, having not seen that before, so i scrolled (if thats the right word) to the sears ad and hit OK. a big info screen was brought up advertising a sears sale this upcoming weekend. what the hell? are they going to start paying for my cable? i think thats the least they should do if i am going to be advertised to - thats how network tv works, right? or at least subsidize my cable - thats how newspapers work, right? so, i dicked around with it some more and found that i didnt have news world international *gasp* i finally found it and called in at like 3 this morning. well, for an additional $5 i can get this wonderful station and 10 other shit-stations, like bloomberg and speedvision! so, i had to do it and was instantly relieved to see a story about canadian high schoolers becoming refugees for 24-hours to see what it feels like for the palestinians and more recently the afghans, displaced by terror, sponsored by the us. its nice to have cable again, but i fear sitting my ever-expanding ass on the couch and not doing much else. must turn off tv!

damn, this has turned into a joanna post, a novel if you will... all in all, im pretty happy to be alive and well. now, what to do this evening?
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