ray (rayslinky) wrote,

last couple of days

been awake for twenty-something hours now... finishing a download.

this weekend was cool. saturday i took care of a couple of house projects. last night, i bummed around braintree. i woke up, away from the arbouretum, with very few of my allergy symptoms. today i took domenica to filenes basement, the chinatown festival, and the mall. its trippy seeing her. i remember her as a small child and now shes practically an adult. im glad she came back for another week, its really cool seeing her and annz together.

austin got home a couple of hours ago. =( no more crazy naked apartment time. and my allergies have returned full force.

im already dreading work tomorrow. its so pointless. a blind fucking monkey could do the job and i feel like a loser having to do something so below my skillset. oh well.

its dinner time.
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