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i had a good day yesterday, i slept til 8. i flaked on anna, tho ima try to make it over this afternoon. i got the mail and found a hard drive connector board. yay! thanks jojo! my 12gb hard drive is also having problems so im testing macosx on a 4gb drive. i napped more. it was nice to sleep at night and not wake in a pool of my own sweat.

i ran errands this morning. i got my hair cut. it was kind of weird to actually pay someone to cut my hair... i cant remember the last time i did, maybe a couple of year ago? by 11a, it was 94F according to the bank sign on centre street. i went shopping for the basics _and_ allergy drugs. my allergies are officially killing me. i also cant remeber the last time i didnt have at least a little bit of a headache. blah. i cant wait for winter. i need to get a referral to an allergist and actually get the skin test. maybe then i can get shots and not have to endure the regimen of pills to counteract some of this crap.

i think im going to take a little nap and then head to braintree to visit with annz and minnow.
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