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work sucks

there was an ftp problem earlier. the guy charged with fixing the job with the problem (mike) reran it a couple of times. during this time i ping the address and explain that the server is unreachable. oh. i do a traceroute and my packet gets bounces back and forth on a particular subnet. i tried to explain this to a couple of people who didnt really get it. but, eventaually my boss called the network people (at midnight). its now 4 1/2 hours later and they still hasnt returned the call. mike just called back and is trying to go on without the ftp part of this job. ick. this means that the stream wont be finished until about 800. AND, i really dont want to have to deal with cecil, the sickeningly-sweet-smelling coworker with the habitually nasty disposition, who will be here at 630.
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