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a thought...

i was watching the newshour tonight and got to thinking: would we (read the world) be better off today if the us had not formed an alliance with the saudis back in the cold war days? what if communism swept the middle east instead of us influence and continuing dictatorial religious fundamentalism? would be be better off as a world if atheism was promoted? ill be the first to admit that state sponsored communism is certainly bad, but with more countries in a soviet block, wouldn't the system have eventually collapsed or been subject to another revolution... either a revolution back to pure bolshevik communism OR some other form of equality and peace for the masses.

i dont have any solid thought on any of this, but this increases my desire to visit cuba and china. tho these are both pseudo-communist/capitalist states, they are the closest thing to what became of the ussr in our current world.
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