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its beautiful outside right now. i just got back from a great walk.

after i embraced my sweat, this afternoon went better. i lazed around and played with my horribly fuzzy, must be hating life, kitty cat for a while and cleaned some of my mess. i made it to the pharmacy on my way to work and stopped off for one of those addictive burrito bowls (and a peek at the cute boy behind the counter) at the purple cactus.

i finally turned my cell fone back on tonight. its been off for the last 4 days. within 30 minutes, it received the first jeanne call of the evening. there were two more. after not calling her for two weeks, i wish she would just get the message. instead, her vm said that she isnt upset about me flaking this weekend and i should give her a call AND she loves me. ick. make it stop! i dont want to be mean to her cuz shes kinda psycho and i dont want another stalker OR for her to hurt herself, but dealing with her is mentally painful and bad for me. so yes, im still being a wus and avoiding her.

i just realised that i forgot to check my netflix queue since i returned a couple of discs monday. while i want to see all the movies in my queue, i would like to see some more than others AND dont want 3 dramas on my hands at once... random

bobby's dozing again. its my morning to stay so ive got a little under 3 hours to go.
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