ray (rayslinky) wrote,


friday mornings are so weird. i leave work thinking that its saturday and then there are all these people out and about, hurrying to go to work. ive only got 3 or 4 weeks left of 4-day work weeks and i dont know how ill go back to working friday nights. even if i dont do anything, its still nice to have them off.

i keep seeing this jacked up pink kids bicycle laying on the northbound side of the train tracks between jackson square and stony brook. i need to take my camera with me at some point.

i passed within 2 feet of laura on my way out of the t, she was oblivious. cool, shes so weird to talk to. im always left feeling like im missing time and cant quite place what happend to it, even tho it may only be 2 minutes.

theres posters for oskar, the latest missing cat, up all over the neighborhood. those always make me sad.

im having a dinner of cheerios and then heading for some sleep.
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