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austin wasnt kidding when he said the kitchen was "fucked" as he walked out the door on his way to the airport yesterday. that fucker! i washed about half of the dishes tonight. (there was no more drying space available.) our bachelor kitchen now officially sucks, matt came by yesterday and picked up our kitchen table and microwave. well, i guess they werent technically "ours"... austin fished out a microwave from somewhere. its schitzy, which i guess is incentive not to irradiate my food.

i went to the eye doctor today. he wasnt dr. mcrea, but few are. i had an appointment for 4 and wasnt seen until 5. he was sort of a dork, telling these lame jokes AND talking all about country music. eh? he also insisted on putting my contacts in for me. eh? ive been doing it myself for 10 years. as he was doing it, he told me that i was border line between -2 and -2.25, so he was putting in a -2 for me to try for a couple of days. he was also going to give me a pair of -2.25 to try after that. i tell him that my last pair was -2.25 and he says he doesnt want to over correct. well, -2 was definitely under correcting... things at 20 feet were slightly fuzzy. i had to go through the ordeal of him removing them and putting in the other pair. aah! but i got my prescription and after wearing them for a couple of days im supposed to call so i can order a couple of boxes.

while ive been writing this jeanne has called twice. i of course havent answered, like i havent for the past week. she has been calling 2-3 times a night! i dont really want to talk to her or hang out with her, but im a wimp and cant tell her that. i wish she wasnt such a troglodyte and actually had email. i dont seem to have such a problem dealing with people i could live my life without if i can do it electronically. i made the mistake of answering one of her calls a couple of weeks ago and she cornered me into hanging out with her. so i said in a couple of weeks cuz i couldnt stomach doing it that weekend. but now a couple of weeks is up and i need more time. its not that shes a horrible person. shes just misguided, has lots of teen angst, is clingy, and has a little crush on me (and about every other gay boy shes ever met). sometimes i wish i werent such a nice guy (read doormat). theres four possibilities: a) continue ignore her calls, blowing her off this weekend. b) answer and tell her about my important plans this weekend and how *unfortunately* she doesnt fit into them. c) grow some balls and tell her i dont want to hang out with her. OR d) change my phone number.
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