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ack ... someone shoot me

i am so bored. its about the typical monday night. my coworker is in and out of consciousness, which is a vast improvement on earlier when he delivered a fifteen minute oration on car antennas. my eyes glazed over about 30 seconds in. after a couple of minutes, i turned and started checking my mail and lj, hoping that he would just go away. nope, no such luck. it just went on and on and now all i recall is "not steel, not rubber, but aluminum." ACK! i need a job that either has human interaction OR some purpose.

2200 (or so) show up confused with headphones on, connect my computer, and surf
0000 pretend to finish something that ive been diligently working on and take over a couple of worksheets, bring down 2 databases and make sure a few jobs start
0005 back to surfing
0050 make sure all jobs are finished so backups can kick off
0100 make sure backups start
0101 surf
0145 bring up databases, release 2 jobs
0146 surf
0300 make sure a job started
0303 bring down one database, release 1 job, alter 2 others
0304 surf/nap
0352 answer 4 to the question
0353 surf/nap
0400 bring up all the databases and make them accessible for the lusers
0405 im done, i sit in fluorescent hell surfing/napping for the next couple of hours

when nothing goes wrong, this requires about 30 minutes of my time. too bad those 30 minutes arent contiguous.

this is so fucking lame... a monkey could do this. where have all the good jobs gone???

on another note, boredom leads to an intense desire to smoke. this is why it was so easy to start again. dammit, someone gimme a project!
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