ray (rayslinky) wrote,

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ugh, its hot and sticky and still today.

i just got up from this dream about jacen moving somewhere. i went over to help him pack up and found my friend penny in the same complex moving as well. not too much detail, but jacen had made special "s trawberry green dessert pizza" for the road. so, i guess he was doing a bit of travelling... perhaps cali?

im so amazed that ive been remembering my dreams.

i went shopping yesterday, i forgot to get a 50' ethernet cable, but i did score some jeans. i sat in copley, reading a book for a few hours. last night i lazed around, discovered that my powerbook is dead again. tho, in a different way this time. i think its just the hard drive connector board. hello ebay... then i watched dvd 4 of cowboy bebop. spike is hot. episode 17 was all about magic mushrooms and had me lmao..
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