ray (rayslinky) wrote,

only in dreams...

i forgot what bizarre dreams the patch causes...

i dreamed that i was with my current roommate somewhere outdoorsy near a lake and that he was repsonsible for rebuilding the wheelset on some trolley cars for the reopening of the e-line into jp. somehow, he was invested in the whole scheme and his girlfriend wanted in. previously, the cars had derailed (real life, too) and he wasnt too sure of the rework. so, i wanted him to take them for testing to this big hill on abbott road in st. hedwig where i grew up. meanwhile, one of his friends were renting cabins by the lake, so i went looking at these cabins. craig (mmic1101y) was supposed to be coming up for some r+r and i wanted to rent a place to hang outside the city. i misunderstood the price and was corrected that it would be $200 for the 3 months of summer. cool, rays got a summer cabin. then some crazy trolley (didnt look like the spaceage braeda 8's), presumably one of the ones that austin was responsible for showed up in the woods and i woke up.

i like remembering my dreams. any takers on an analysis?

im bored, fucking cardinal law is on tv trial at some child molestation settlement... every fuzzy fucking channel!
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