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The Fascinating World of the Apocalypse!

    Through the Revelation Seminar, discover the joy of stimulating Bible study and dramatic revelations of things to come from the unfailing Word of God. This is exactly what you have been waiting for. This seminar promises to meet your needs. When you complete the seminar and receive your beautiful diploma, you will really understand the BOOK OF REVELATION. Seminars are conducted absolutely FREE by Seminars Unlimited.
i didnt add the emphasis, its exactly as it came to my mailbox.

curiously, on the outside of this mailing there are three disturbing angels, one black, one brown, and one white. when you open it up, there is the same scene, except all the angels are white. in fact, all the biblical figures inside are white.

im horrified by the brainwashing feel of it all, but im sort of curious about the sort of people that one might find at such an event. all brought to me by "real truth ministries". i wish i knew where my scanner was, this is to good not to share...
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