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    Ever get cum in your eye, Gabriel? It burns...
    -the tori spelling looking drag queen from "trick"
yeah, i was wrong about the side effects of these eye drops. the pink eye causes one kind of burning discomfort, but the drops are like putting salt in my eyes. on the plus side, my left eye looks all better and my right eye is getting there. i should no longer be contagious in a few hours... yay!

i just finished watching startup.com. i rate it a 3.5/5 stars. there was a whole unexplored subtext: tom is a (not very good) father to an adorable little girl and seems to be in love with kaleil, and tom is very closeted... the movie was interesting, it showed the cut throat business world (with a warm and fuzzy side) of startups.

since its a free day, ive been drinkin a bit. i just went out for a smoke and its fucking chilly outside (55F)... the weather here is so weird.

my plans for today? well, ima surf some more, then go do some laundry and finally sleep some b4 i have to return to work b4 the weekend!
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