ray (rayslinky) wrote,

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it burns...

i managed to spread my conjunctivitis (graphic illustration) to my left eye too. i just got back from an appointment with my doctors nurse practitioner, who also happens to be a lesbian. yay! apparently, she had this wonderful bacterial infection a couple of weeks ago. she gave me the choice between eye drops 5x daily and an ointment 3x daily. i wasnt sure about putting an ointment in my eye so i opted for the drops. she also grounded me from work tonight, oh darn! she asked me if i had been around any kids lately cuz their more prone to getting and spreading this shite. nope, my best guess is that i got it on the fabulously clean T.

from the drops: "SIDE EFFECTS: Eye redness, stinging, or itchiness may occur." um yeah, they're already red, itchy, and burning...
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