ray (rayslinky) wrote,

8 months ago AND my weekend

wow... going back and reading my journal has entertained me for the past hour! what was going on 8 months ago? ray had to break down and get a *really* shitty job not that i dont have a shitty job now, its just in a different class. ok, ima stop bitching about my job now!

on to my weekend:
sunday annz woke my ass up at 10a!!! somedays i go to sleep at 10! i was a bitch about it AND she wound up going to the beach without me. shes one of those people that has to be "productive" with her days off, which is opposite my outlook. its the weekend, i can lay around all day and be content with it. so, i went back to sleep til 3. then did some shopping at the galleria: i got some pants and a few so i could put off laundry another week. SAD. i stayed up and drank last night. i watched Eban and Charley: inane dialogue, no real plot or character development, and bad cinematography.
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