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my desk and chair arrived yesterday with a really cute delivery man. he was a 6'2" mocha god. i was lusting after him in my half awake state, trying to figure out how to lure him into staying a bit... that failed miserably. so i jerked off and went back to sleep. when i woke up, i realised that i forgot to fill out an overtime slip for this week AND since i want $, i went back to work *ick*. when i got back, i had a mission: put together the desk.

my allergies were killing me: discombobulated head with a headache, burning itchy eyes, and a general malaise. so, what goes with allergies and putting together a desk, you ask? well, some beer, of course. it took me 3 beers, 28 pieces, lots of screws, and 2 hours , but i assembled it. turns out i either lost a screw or they just didnt provide it... ok, i look at the manual and theres a screw fulfillment center. "um, yeth, i need a screw... i was screwed out of a screw". ones on its way. how lame must it be to sit in a fone center (yes, i know this part is already lame) answering calls about missing screws (admittedly, i could have a little fun with this part for a while).

so, that was basically my friday night... wooha-rays a real winner. i drank more beer and went to sleep drunk - with new furniture.

TODAY, i slept til 2 and hung with annz in harvard square, her stomping ground. we made our way back this direction in time to acquire more beer (rays d.o.c. these days) and a movie. when we got back, annz passed out on my bed AND now im awake with nothin to do. ok, not nothing, im burning porn cd's and an (or is it a) mp3 cd. AND IMBIBING.
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