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the other day i fired off a couple of emails about h4840, a proposed ammendment to the mass constitution modeled after DoMA, only going much further. i got back a warm form letter from my local rep encouraging me to make as much noise as possible because she is spearheading a campaign against the bill. not surprising since jp is chock full of fruity family. i was however surprised to get the following back from the republican acting governor:
    Dear Constituent:

    Thank you for taking the time to e-mail me regarding House Bill 4840, a proposal for an amendment to the Constitution relative to the protection of marriage.

    As you are probably aware, this initiative amendment currently awaits consideration by the General Court. Two consecutively elected General Courts must approve the proposed amendment before it can be placed on the ballot.

    I acknowledge and respect the beliefs of those held on both sides of this important issue. While I do not support establishing same sex marriages, I do support granting benefits to same sex partners. I am opposed to this constitutional amendment on the basis that it is unnecessary because same sex marriage is already illegal, and, additionally, because the amendment goes too far by denying certain benefits to same sex partners.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me.

    Jane M. Swift
whoa! progressive for a conservative...
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