ray (rayslinky) wrote,

random thoughts. what more do you want?

i went to the doctor this evening. she froze the plantar warts off my feet (lovely visual, huh?) and gave me enough allergy drugs for another month. i think having a good doc close to where i live is one of the things i love about boston. shes a lesbian, shes a 15 minute walk away, and she always hooks me up with samples. sure, i had a good doc in austin, but it took me about 20 minutes by car to get to her (when she was in way north austin) and about 40 when she moved to cedar park.

other things i love about boston:
to coopt a phrase, i think have more of a "yankee spinster" mentality than a texas mentality. somehow, i feel more at home now than i did in austin, which was worlds away from how i felt about living in good ol spam anblowmeo or *shriek* st hedwig...

ive met some really cool people.

the weather is fucking amazing... whoda thought you could have summer with temperatures in the 70's and low 80's for days on end? and im not wearing shorts in january! (i look so much cuter in winter wear)

decent public transit, I DONT NEED A METAL COFFIN! need i say more?

yeah, thats the short list... im sure theres more, but ill save those for another day.
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