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obligatory monday post

about my weekend, incase ne1 cares...

friday: i was feeling less than social so i hung out at my house, cooked, drank, and watched Krámpack, a cute spanish coming of age story about two 17 year olds. yes, ive been watching a lot of these lately...

saturday: i woke up late, a little hungover, and a lot confused. i left my house, thinking i was going down centre street to look at furniture but started walking the other direction toward the t. on the way around, i ran into john who seemed to be doing a bit better than me at that point... he said some people might be hanging out at his place and to ring him later. i didnt find a desk, at least one that was decently priced, so i went to bum around downtown for a while. that evening, i was unsure of what i was going to do... i didnt want to impose/intrude on johns shindig but i did want to do something... i got a call from annz and went to hang out with her. i wound up having a good evening with a good friend and some tasty beverages.

sunday: didnt get up until late afternoon ... i lusted after this cute boi on the train back into boston. we chatted for a couple of minutes when the train overshot north quincy and they had to figure out how to back it up. he was obviously str8, but something about blond boys does it to me everytime. i wound up running a coupla errands and then went home to hang with the roommate for some quality (haha) fuzzy tv.
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