ray (rayslinky) wrote,

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a glitch in the matrix...

deja vu is so weird... so, here i sit, happily looking at recently dl'd mp3's and im recognizing the names tho ive never heard of the band and then i realise that ive lived this very scene before, but not. next, i look to see how work is doing and i know that if i look over at my coworker, he will be standing at the printer, chewing on some food... dont look... i looked and sure enough, hes standing with the printer cover open, looking down, masticating.

when i start to experience an all too *un*familiar scene, i think "deja vu" which is (was) also a part of my deja vu. any thoughts on what causes this weirdness, OTHER than some masterminds manipulating this complex construct we all live in?
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