ray (rayslinky) wrote,

movies ive seen in the last week...

monday: Y tu mamá también
    fucking amazing! in my sicky state, i was particularly depressed that it didnt have a hollywood ending, but now can appreciate that.

wednesday: L.I.E.
    good coming of age story with a sexual predator... fav quote: I don't have a father. I have an asshole.

thursday: Minority Report
    yeah, i wasnt expecting much, but it was really good... really. and not just for tom cruises ass either. i left the theater scared about facing such a digitally integrated future with, among other things, personalized advertising everywhere.

friday: Red Dirt
    a bit bizarre, but the two lead actors were fucking hot and they develop a bit of a gay relationship that one is in denial about. downside: the words gay, queer, or homosexual never enter the dialogue AND no explicit gay sex scenes, tho there is some straight insest going on. again, not a hollywood ending, but it worked. i particularly loved the insane relatives. described as a "ray movie"

sunday: Donnie Darko
    "What's the point of living if you don't have a dick?" great movie about time travel, the search for religion, telling the truth, and craziness

anybody else feel like avoiding reality lately?
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