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recap of my week:

monday: flu, tho i went to werk

tuesday: ditched work felt horrible - i laid around and slept for many hours

wednesday: ditched work felt a little better

da 4th: had to get outta the heat so i went and saw minority report (i was surprised at how good this movie was - mmmm, tom cruise) then i came home to a messy house and an after party on the roof - pretty rockin. this dave boy was sort of hitting on me but he was kinda a troll.

friday: hungover. i ran into john (ex-roomie) at the laundromat and he invited me to a party sat. then i went to braintree and hung with annz.

saturday: watched tennis in the am - wow ray watching a sporting event... then did some drinking at johns party - it was cool - lots of good people. and lots of indie boys. DAMN INDIE BOYS! indie boys piss me off, not that i dont dig them and think theyre totally hot, but... theyre all funny/sensitive and make my gaydar pop up with a big ? ... and they were of course all str8... i cant complain tho, cuz i had a good time.

sunday: went to the beach and laid out in the haze... pretty lazy day all in all. i was gonna take a nap but couldnt SO, i dropped by the old place to pay up on bills.

... ... ...

im still kinda sick, ive got a cold and have hacked up more green stuff than i care to think about but i dont feel horrible like i did at the beginning of the week...

why am i such a luser when it comes to talking to boys? its like im suddenly stricken with boring dork brain AND only intoxication can help. speaking of which, i think its time to do some drinkin.
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