ray (rayslinky) wrote,

now for the poli links...

'If you Disagree, You'll be Expelled and Arrested'

And in sad local politics:
our next governor mitt romney was in court today. yeah, there hasnt even been a primary yet, but he has more money than any of the other beauty contestants. however, the democrats are taking a page out of the republican play book: they have taken him to court over his utah residency. sadly, he has been airing ads attaching this politicing for the past 2 weeks and the dems have yet to respond. it all leaves me asking, how can this person truly represent me or any of the other poor to working middle class people of this state? heres someone who owns houses in mass and utah AND allegedly didnt even notice that a) he was getting tens of thousands of dollars of a tax break by someone (?) declaring utah his primary residence. OR b) that his primary residence had been declared in utah. i wish someone would give me a break of tens of thousands of dollars... you better believe id notice that! can someone so rich really represent anyone but the 2-4% of other mass voters in his tax bracket? AND furthermore, how are people snowed into believeing that he can?
read all about todays developements...

but look, theres an alternative: the green candidate: Jill Stein. if only...
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