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my weekend

was pretty laid back... i went to fabulous lawrence to pack my stuff at annas house and give the kitties some lovin, cuz they miss their mama. i got good and smoked up (first time in months) and packed a good deal of stuff in the kitchen and threw random linens and clothes into bags. mostly small delicate stuff is left, a few good hours of attention should finish it off. on my way back, i was taking a cab to the lawrence commuter rail depot (read shanty), which arrived with another passenger - a ghetto white trash call girl from the look of things, when we got pulled over! how ghetto is this? has anyone ever actually been pulled over while in a cab? im so glad anna is getting outta there! so, it was cool, 8 minutes til my train AND i began asking for the driver to call me another cab (roughly in spanish) which was ignored. we finally left with 2 minutes left to drop off the other passenger, who said something to the effect of 'it should be 2 or 3 houses on the right, its _ (a color, apparently tan)'. im riffin at this point cuz i refuse to spend another 3 hours waiting for the next train, using my speedy gonzales spanish to get him to hurry. when we got there, it was 2 minutes past the time the train was due, and it was just pulling into the station (ray breathes a sigh of relief b4 running infront of it to cross the tracks). so, that was it for the excitement. i got home to a neglected kitty of my own who was very happy to see me and the same empty apartment. ive kinda gotten used to my roommate not being around, not sure what ima do at the end of this week when he gets back...
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