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the recruiter was lame, we met for all of 10 minutes, i was sized up and she told me what the hiring manager wants to hear: i will have no trouble getting there... apparently its not easy to get to (the closest bus stops about 3/4 mi away). its only about 2.5 mi from my house, but in the snow it will be a pain. so, if i want this job, i will need to save up for some mode of transport - perhaps a cheap car or something. for the summer, it would be good excercise on my bike. she didnt call me back today and tomorrows some sort of greek holiday. all in all, it sounds like it has great bene's (7 weeks vacation per year other stuff that i forgot to ask about). my goal is to make my way out there tomorrow or friday and see how feasible walking from the bus stop is.

this week sucks at work: my coworker is on vacation (again!) and this is one of the heaviest weeks of the year. currently im about 90 minutes behind schedule due to cancelling jobs. and i have an additional 60 minz worth of jobs that i have to manually run b4 i can continue on with the normal stream. and my allergies arent helping.

cool find: Xicons
my fav so far:
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