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so, im moved and my bed was supposed to be delivered today... NOPE! so i called and was told that it wasnt being delivered til friday. !!! um, no! so, i turned on the old ray gets what he wants or else authoratative yet bitchy attitude and wasnt as successful as i sometimes have been in the past. sure i got my delivery comp'd and $50 off the bed, but, was that worth my 20 minutes and having to sleep on the couch for another 3 days? not sure...

ive been in a bit of a funk lately - my job depresses the fuck outta me AND its been a couple of months since ive been laid AND im a bit lonely. i think my new roommate magnified my feelings a bit yesterday... hes always seems to be upbeat and funny, like hes on some good drugs, and i was not feeling it. blah.

to do:
if its possible: stop thinking and be ignorantly happy (at least for a while)
find a new job
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