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im moved

yay! i finished moving about an hour ago... as as luck goes, the minute i started to load stuff on bobbys truck, it started raining AND it rained non stop until about 10 minutes after we were done... in the move, i smacked my head on a beam in the basement and now i have a lump... but its all finished! i really dig the size of my room and with a little cleaning/rearranging this place is going to be really cool. so, im excited.

ive spent the last hour on the fone with my mom sort of putting off unpacking. thats quite possibly the worst part of moving cuz towards the end of packing i was just throwing stuff in boxes AND now i have to sort it all out. but, its all good.

my bed gets delivered tomorrow, yay! only one more night of couch surfing.

things i need:
a desk
a couple of tables
a bed frame (which can wait)

NOW, off to the dreaded unpacking.
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