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before we go any further, i fucking want proof. i want to be shown and want the whole world to see what concrete proof we have than one or two or ten or 1,000,000 are behind the tragedy that took place on tuesday. it is unacceptable for the bush propaganda machine to prepare "us" (the slackjawed american citizens that will accept what the tv and furthermore bush says is in their best interest) for war against Afghanistan. again - we have been shown no proof, just incited to fear/hate this group of people that doesnt look like or practice the same religion as the majority or americans.

even IF i see this proof, i want one other question answered:
    what made these individuals feel that they had no other recouse than these terrible acts?

i have an idea of the answer to this question, but somehow i dont think this righteous country is ready to hear it... not that the media would show it to us. they have their own agenda:


good links:
  • Activism in Austin
  • Austin Independent Media Center - an alternative to mainstream propaganda tha t is passed off as news

    final thought:

    "An eye for an eye makes the world blind."-Ghandi
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