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ray rambles, ad nauseam about his weekend

i had a great slackful weekend without a hint of technology, barring some geek-speak with craigory.

i hung out with annz on sat nite/sun. we went to faneuil hall, a historic market turned into franchise shopping hell, to see a street performers festival. we didnt see much of it and wound up renting "Little Shots of Happiness" - it was bizarre but i liked it... complete indie film set in boston, which was kinda cool, cuz i recognized quite a few of the places they were shooting.

sunday night i lazed around my apartment after anna left. i wound up watching "Following", Christopher Nolans (Momento) first film. that was a great movie... it was completely black and white and has quite the fucked plot twist. i slept in my (lauras) bed for the last time.

monday i got up and finished taking my shit to the basement and went and wondered around a bit. when i got home, i found laura and her cute british boyfriend getting ready to go out... looks like ill be riding the couch despite hoping that maybe she wouldnt show up until this upcoming weekend. i hung out and started drinking and was soon joined by john, one of the other sweet yet sarcastic as hell roommates. we drank, bonded, and flirted a bit til early in the morn when, b4 going to bed, he put in "Re-Animator", this totally cheesy 80's-tacular movie with exploding eyeballs and dead people being brought back to life (total john flick). AAAHHH... another movie!

i tried to sleep after the movie but had limited success with the barage of garbage trucks that kept going down my street. after chris left i crashed in his room. i feel a bit like goldilocks... for months ive been sleeping on lauras futon which is uncomfortably hard (for my tastes) and today chris' (or however your make his name possessive) bed was quite possibly the softest thing ive ever slept on. maybe johns is just right *grin* ...

tonight i decided to go bed shopping... and wound up purchasing a pretty comfy queen-bed (fit for this queen) from this place that guarantees the lowest price, will deliver, and will let me exchange it up to 60 daze if it doesnt fulfill my hibernation expectations. yay! it will be in my new room next monday, the day after i am.

blah blah blah, now im at work and its time for lunch.
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