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raze got a new toy... thankyou neu! they were just giving them away - it took me a month to receive it, but hey, its free. apparently theyre upgrading their network and all 10BaseT switches are being pulled out. i was all excited to see it when i walked in tonight. so, i connected it to the peecee and was configuring it and started wondering about connecting it to my mac. i dug through some of the dead tech rooms around here and found an assortment of cables (mainly a din8-to-db25m and a db9f-to-db25m) to make a db9 to din8 cable and had plans of soldering one together... so i went back and looked around a bit more and found a db9m-to-db25f adapter. i got back and didnt think that plugging them all together would work, but it did! so, now ive got a din8-to-db25m:db25f-to-db9m:db9f-to-db9f super cable that connects to the console port and works beautifully with zterm.

other geek stuff: i love watson!
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