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another night of me being a bum... i dont really have the energy of the desire to go out on this, one of my two free nights per week. whadoyado?

house hunting:

    Two minute walk to the Forest Hills T, two minutes to Harvest Coop, right off South Street's commercial section, steps from the Southwest Corridor and community gardens. I'm looking for someone chill to share living space with who will appreciate a large bedroom with plenty of light, hardwood floors, a porch and a beautiful yard through a sliding glass door right off the spacious first floor kitchen. I'm 24, vegetarian, queer-friendly, nonprofit-employed male who likes to cook and read the Times on Sunday. I work hard and travel a fair amount so sometimes you'll have the place to yourself, which is a bonus. This place is really nice so come see it for yourself.

i met one of my potential roommates today, at the house on the next street over from mine. the place was, um, quaint. the back yard is amazing, a corridor of green; a stark contrast to my current backyard view of fences galore and other backyards filled with crap. the inside of the house ok, hardwood floors (not uncommon here) and 2 bedrooms, one off the living room at the front of the hosue and one off the kitchen at the back. i completely missed the bathroom. there was random stuff on the floors, looking like it hadnt really been cleaned in months. it was a bit of a change from my current place with completely clean common areas, my room not included. not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing... austin was completely laid back, though as with most 'interviews' the experience was a bit weird. we chatted about ourselves a bit and what we did for work and fun. hes an atheist 2, i think hes family, tho not certain. hes thinking about switching to the smaller bedroom and leaving the front room for the next roommate, a definite advantage. the price is more than i wanted to spend, but i could swing it and still put a little away each month while living comfortably. idunno.

at this point, im left wondering, where did my money in the past go, like when i w as making a shitload at apple... damn growing up!
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