ray (rayslinky) wrote,

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stupid network, bad support

so, the neu.edu name server is down, yes, the only name server that neu runs... ok not a prob for me, i just sniped another name server and im up and running BUT theres a firestorm on these stupid peecees, not to mention the mainframe. AND my manager and a number of people ive talked to about the problem dont seem to know what a dns server is. eh? isnt that pretty basic as far as networking goes, like if your admining a server you should know a little bout how it works?

so now, im waiting for a call back from another inconsequential person to tell me that they dont know whats wrong and its probably NOT their problem, but i should try calling *pick random name*, because they should be able to fix it. ARRRRGGGHHH! do i have to explain it again, or am i wasting my breath?
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