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someone, stop me!

ive spent the majority of the past few hours downloading porn. *bad rayray*

i got a couple of responses for places to live. ima go looking at them on saturday, and hopefully before then, ill get a couple more. one is almost around the corner from where i live now-cool-but, the downside is the price. the other is close to work and closer to the green line than i am to the orange line currently AND its ultra cheap. i dunno, i dont really want to move. i like where i live now and my roommates are more than i could have asked for. chris and i have been talking more lately and hes pretty cool AND i really dig john. DAMN LAURA, SHE SHOULD JUST STAY IN NY! but, i am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again. *fuck the futon*

my allergies were hellacious today. i awoke with a horrible headache thats still lingering, though now its more of a mind suck, void feeling in the center of my forehead (classic sinus crap)

ramble ramble ramble - maybe today ill get some sleep. tonight is overtime again, yay-moving money! okie, back to the grindstone - been neglecting the whole job thing a bit 2nite and have to finish about 20 minz work.
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