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im disturbed

about the hijackings

about the physical and emotional damage

about our general lack of realization that we assist this kind of terrorism everyday ... iraqi tv is calling this "The fruit of American terror against humanity"
    the terrorism that israel inflicts upon palestinians. i dont believe that palestinians are without blame, but when one side speaks out against opression with hand guns and the other side responds with war planes, missiles, and tanks, i leaves me asking why do we continue to support the side with the upper hand? why not step back? why not withdraw support and realize that both sides have valid issues that will never be solved with violence. especially u.s. politically backed and largely funded violence/opression.
    the terrorism that iraqi citizens must have felt a few years ago when we were bombing civilian targets and must still feel today through our unjust sanctions against them.
    a taste of our own medicine? this may be an unpopular view, but it is a view that warrants a look. we cannot continue to stride around, dick in hand, deciding the fates of millions of citizens based on the greed/shortsightedness of a few.

about shrub's reaction -
    what did he say? is it only me that cannot follow this mans speech? i see: read read pause read read pause read pause read read read pause read read pause read read ... ad nauseam

    two pieces stood out at me: *shriek in horror*
    1. his quote from the christian bible, specifically the book of psalm. referring to higher power (or powers) may be acceptable and asking for prayers can be expected... however, quoting from a specific text is abhorrent. especially when it singles out christians. while x-ianity is most prevelant in the states, he/his staff should realize that religion fuels wars the world over and should be avoided except in the most vague references.
    2. "We will make no distinction between the terrorists that commited these acts and those who harbor them." this along with all the speculation about osama bin laden makes me worry about shrubs reaction. i fear bush starting world war iii - ah, you say, but someone else started it. yes, this may be the case, but we must use restraint. some will say that we must send a message that this is not acceptable. we can do that by stepping back and with a cool head finding those individuals at blame. not a scapegoat and not a country, but individuals. once we find these individuals we should seek to understand their side of things. only this way will we come out on top after this horror.
the conspiracy theorist in me wonders if bush might not be behind this... get the people riled up, start a war, line the pockets of some of his biggest supporters - the "defense" industry. it could be a good thing for a re-election campaign. *just a thought*

i only hope that as a nation we take stock of our own policies at home and abroad.
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