ray (rayslinky) wrote,

election stuff

current electoral votes:
bush: 254
kerry: 252

ohio currently:
bush:  2,780,161
kerry: 2,646,142

margin: 134,019

current provisional ballot count: 135,149 (78 of the 88 counties have reported counts)

from boston.com:
Although President Bush leads John Kerry in the popular vote and electoral votes, he has not secured enough electoral votes to win re-election. He is leading in Ohio, whose 20 electoral votes could tilt the election either way. Even though 99 percent of Ohio precincts have reported, tens of thousands of provisional ballots, given to those whose eligibility to vote was challenged, will not be counted for 11 days. Kerry has said that if there are enough provisional ballots to make a difference, he will not concede before they are counted.

11 days! are you kidding me?
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